The Adventures of Tintin – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Tintin has been popular worldwide for decades now in the print format. The Tintin hard cover comics/books have been on young people’s must read list since they were first released by Belgian cartoonist Hervé in 1930.

While in the market one day young journalist Tintin (voiced by Jamie Bell) accompanied by his ever present four legged companion Snowy stumbles upon an article that he just has to have.  It is a model ship of the famous vessel the Unicorn. In 1776 the real Unicorn had set sail with its reputed secret cargo and then was lost under a cloud of mystery. Tintin is able to get his treasure for a mere Pound.  On the way home he is approached by a man wanting to buy it from him. Ivan Ivanovitch Sakhrine (voiced by Daniel Craig) is persistent, but Tintin will not budge for any price.

Later when Snowy is chasing a cat the model ship is broken accidentally and out pops a secret cylinder that rolls under a piece of furniture.  After searching for another model at the library Tintin returns to his flat to discover that it has been ransacked.  In the mess he finds the cylinder and that inside of it is a paper with one of three clues needed to find the secret booty.  Tintin is off to investigate.

After his wallet and the slip of paper are stolen, Tintin is kidnapped and imprisoned on a ship called the Karaboudjan. This ship belongs to the same man who offered to buy the model of the Unicorn from Tintin – Sakhrine. On board while trying to escape, Tintin runs into the inebriated captain of the ship, Captain Haddock (voiced by Andy Serkis).  Haddock, Tintin and Snowy manage to escape together.  The race to beat Sakhrine to uncover all the clues to the puzzle of the Unicorn is just beginning.

The first thing that usually makes an impression about animated films is the way they look.  Director Steven Spielberg (Schindler’s List, The Color Purple) uses the same technology that Robert Zemekis used when making his film The Polar Express.  Spielberg’s looks a heck of a lot better though.  The animation is possibly some of the most realistic that I have ever seen.  With films like this the line between real and animated is becoming a lot more fuzzy.  Spielberg’s film occurs in a vast world that involves buildings, deserts, ships, water, human beings, animals, etc.  They all are done in great detail with plenty of realism.  The film really lends to the blu-ray treatment.

Like most of the Tintin books this is a fun adventure. Tintin, Haddock and Snowy stumble into adventure after adventure and travel the world. Everything happens at breakneck speed and unlike most action adventure films is good clean fun that is appropriate for the entire family. The story and mystery itself is quite simple and as a result most any age can follow it.  The action is great with plenty of thought going into it.  As a result it involves you from the very first dust up.  Tintin is determined, smart and able to handle all sorts of physical demands.  Characters like Captain Haddock and the bumbling detectives Thompson (Simon Pegg – Paul, Shaun of the Dead) and Thomson (Nick Frost – Hot Fuzz, Attack the Block) provide the comedic relief.  It is kinda like an animated version of Indiana Jones with a young towheaded journalist as the lead character.

Special Features:

-Toasting Tintin, Part 1

-The Journey to Tintin

-The World of Tintin

-The Who’s Who of Tintin

-Tintin: Conceptual Design

-Tintin: In the Volume

-Snowy: From Beginning to End

-Animating Tintin

-Tintin: The Score

-Collecting Tintin

-Digital Copy

-Toasting Tintin, Part 2

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