Dr. John – Locked Down

Anytime New Orleans, piano playing legend Dr. John releases an album it is a reason for celebration. When the album is produced by The Black Keys member (and number one fan) Dan Auerbach it makes you sit up and take even more notice. A present-day music hero coupled with his music hero is a match made in music heaven.  You know that Auerbach is going to go into the making of record with plenty of reverence for the process and the music it produces. The finished product does not disappoint. He kept the “tinkering” and technology to a minimum allowing the purity of Dr. John’s voice and music to take centre stage. Listening to the ten songs on the album for me was like a religious experience. Filled with spirit and energy. At the end of it all I was like Auerbach in that I was worshipping at the altar of Dr. John. The musical styles range from gospel to soul to psychedelic rock. Continuing the religious comparisons it has something for every denomination. It seems like even this deep into his career Dr. John still has the fire and passion for music. At 71 he shows no signs of slowing down and the talent he can still bring to the table continues to amaze me. The album will appeal to longtime fans while at the same time draw in some newbies. I don’t think I’m stretching it too much by saying that this album is just as good as the stuff he recorded in the 70s.

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