Jason Mraz – Love is a Four Letter Word

Love is not a new subject for songs. Actually it is one that I, for one, have grown a little tired of as it seems like all we hear on the radio. Ooh baby followed by love to love you, baby. We’ve all heard it all before. Call me jaded but enough is enough, I say. Then Jason Mraz, an artist I discovered and appreciated before he became big, wrote an album that is almost entirely about the subject I’d grown tired of and, despite myself, I liked it. Love is a Four Letter Word is about love from a lot of different points of view.  From that of a woman, that of a man, a person who doesn’t understand it, the object of affection, a person loving what they are doing, and that of a person who loves the world they live in. Some of it is very concrete while some is esoteric. Love songs. Mantras. Getting down music. Odes. Though there is basically only one subject matter there is a ton of variety to be found. Though fairly new to the music scene, Jason Mraz has proven that he can write a song of substance and puts a lot of himself into his songs. Though this is pop music it certainly has a genuine feeling to it. It is also a good album in that there is nothing depressing about it. Rather it is uplifting and positive. You might not only enjoy what you hear but be inspired by it. Couple that with nice production values and you have that rare kind of pop album that has an impact.

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