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It’s not like you have five billion other things to do this week, right? Maybe just 2 billion. But here’s another thing to add to your “must see and do” list. Cinechamber, an immersive instillation housed at Ex-Centris until Sunday, June 3rd as part of the Mutek festival. Although Cinechamber was born in San Francisco this is its first time on display for the public in North America.


Naut Humon, an audio visual curator for the likes of Ars Electronica and creative artistic director of Recombinant Media Lab is responsible for the live cinema performance environment – or audio visual instrument. “Well, I can’t take credit for the whole thing” he explained during our interview. “Vance Galloway is the Technical Director and Barry Threw is the Chief Technician and Software Architect – with many others on the team.”(I found Naut Humon to be incredibly human and exuded the excitement of a kid in a candy shop.)


I had the opportunity to lounge inside the belly of the beast prior to our interview.  Surrounded by 10 movie theater sized screens, 8.8.2 multi-channel sound and a custom applied kinetic floor vibration unit, I experienced just 1 of the 5 panorama’s now showing. The sounds tantalized my ear drums while the encapsulating visuals created a role reversal from the gazer to the gazed upon.

Each panorama runs approximately one hour and showcases in the range of seven to ten imaginative works by a/v artists from all around the world. The Cinechamber can be equated to the painters’ canvas in that it is a tool to be used by artists by way of their imagination. The result is a wide range of aesthetics, moods and a/v combinations. While some shows are atmospheric and recreate a womb like feeling, others are heavily layered, reminiscent of Tron Legacy. Panorama 4 starts with “Xynaxis (Xenakis Remis Project)” by Naut Humon and ends with the world premiere “Orbit” by Ryoichi Kurokawa. Panorama 2 includes shows by both D-FUSE and a group including Robert Henke, A.K.A Monolake, one of the co-developers of Ableton Live. Cinechamber Live brings artists physically and virtually into the space for special live performances I’m not yet sure my head can wrap around.


The new experiences brought to life inside the Recombinant Media Lab, was described by Naut as “a regrouping of media that retains certain aspects of the old but is transformed into something new” and the outcome is stronger than the sum of its parts. The new spatial media synthesis is not to be missed and all audiences are welcome. Give your taste buds a rest and enjoy this amuse bouche offering from the Recombinant Media Lab for the rest of your sense.

Tickets: Panorama’s – $12 + tax, Cinechamber Live with virtual apperances $15 + tax with one free show on Sunday June 3rd at 1pm & 3pm

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