Spider-Man 2 – Blu-ray Edition

Just in time as they release the latest Spider-Man film in theatres to refresh your memory about the story arc of the Spider-Man series, Spider-Man 2 is released on blu-ray. As with most superhero films, Spider-Man 2 is all about the ‘cool’ factor and how it looks rather than the story. The film’s special effects were so special that it won the Oscar for Best Special Effects in 2005. Director Sam Raimi (Army of Darkness, The Quick and the Dead) really accentuates the effects with his camera angles. At times you feel as if you are swinging through the city or falling from a building with Spider-Man. It is a film that tries to appeal to all categories of viewers as kids will like the comic book aspect, women will get involved with the romantic sub-plot and guys will love the fights and other special effects. There are some attempts at actual character development with this film in that Peter Parker goes through a range of emotions (heartache, self-doubt, frustration, love). He is frustrated with how being a superhero does not allow him to have his own life. It is nothing earth shattering, but it is the perfect example of a good summer film.

Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire – The Good German, Seabiscuit) leads the double life of being the superhero Spider-Man and your average young man by day. Due to being Spider-Man Peter’s life is chaotic. He gets fired from his second job as a pizza delivery man and is falling behind at school. There is also the issue of Mary Jane (Kristen Dunst – The Virgin Suicides, Marie Antoinette), his best friend who he has romantic feelings for but cannot admit it due to the danger that would place her in. His Aunt May (Rosemary Harris – Being Julia, Spider-Man) is facing the threat of foreclosure on her house. The pressure on Peter is incredible.

Another of his close friends, Harry Osborn (James Franco – Spider-Man 3, Flyboys) gets Peter an interview for his research paper with famous scientist Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina – Chocolat, The Da Vinci Code). Dr. Octavius is working on sustainable fusion project fully funded by the Osborn Corporation and during a demonstration something goes horribly wrong and his wife, Rosalie (Donna Murphy – The Fountain, World Trade Center), is killed. The mechanical arms that Dr. Octavius had been using become fused to his body and he escapes the authorities. Dr. Octavius, who is now controlled by the arms, becomes an evil villain who plans to rebuild a bigger fusion machine. He is now known as Doc Ock and begins to steal money to fund his project.

Spider-Man has to try and stop this villain just as it seems that his Spidey powers are weakening due to self-doubt. Peter Parker makes the decision that he wants to have his own life and no longer wants to be Spider-Man. Peter tells Mary Jane that he wants to give their relationship a go, but she tells him it is too late as she is getting married to John Jameson (Daniel Gillies – appeared in episodes of Street Legal). What will Peter do now?

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

-Blooper Reel

-“Hero in Crisis”

-“Making the Amazing” – A 12 Part Documentary

-Ock-Umentary: Eight Arms to Hold You

-VFX Breakdowns

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