Our Lady Peace – Curve

One of the most popular rock bands in Canada around the turn of the 21st century was Toronto’s Our Lady Peace.  Led by passionate and cerebral (not to mention hot!) frontman Raine Maida they churned out hit single after hit single with the likes of “One Man Army”, “Is Anybody Home?”, “Life”, and “Innocent”. Then like many a successful group it seems they disappeared from the charts and our collective memories. There was tension between the members and even talk of breaking up. Thankfully, they did not go the break up route. After taking some time off the band got together at Maida’s Los Angeles area home studio and figured that what they needed was to get back to their roots. The result is the ten track album, their eighth studio album, Curve. They co-produced the whole thing along with friend and partner Jason Lader and that was a wise decision. The best music tends to be made when you are playing/recording stuff you love, not songs recorded because you think they will sell. This is a return to the beginning of the band soundwise. They are once again a solid alt-rock band not a forgettable pop band. As opposed to most albums today Curve is a complete thought and not just a bunch of singles strung together. It works best as a whole but that is not to say that you cannot listen to one at a time. Admittedly, some tracks are better than others (“Heavyweight”, “If this Is It”) however there are no weak ones. Though this is definitely an old-school Our Lady Peace album it is not derivative or just repeating the past. It is imaginative and modern.

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