Frank Lowe – The Loweski

Music has the ability to pick you up and give you energy like none of the other art forms. A good set of songs can lift you up from the doldrums. This live set of music left over from the recording of the celebrated concert with Frank Lowe as the frontman for the first time with the Black Beings. Even though this is basically the left over music from that concert it certainly does not lack in quality.  You will not feel robbed as the songs are intense, unbridled and packs a wallop. Frank Lowe is back up by an incredible collection of jazz musicians including Joseph Jarmon (saxophone), Cecil Taylor (bass), William Parker (drums), Rashid Sinan (drums), and Raymond Lee Cheng (violin). The music will hypnotize you with its excellence and determination. The different tempos lend to the emotions they are trying to convey. This is what music sounds like when it is done properly.

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