Joss Stone – The Soul Sessions, Vol 2

While still in her teens in 2003 Joss Stone (she of the gravelly voice) released her debut album entitled The Soul Sessions. Since she was knee high to a grasshopper Joss loved soul music. She even began teaching herself to sing by taking on Aretha Franklin tunes. The Soul Sessions was filled with covers of soul songs from the 60s and 70s. Here we are nine years and five albums later and she has released The Soul Sessions, Vol 2. Impressively the songs were all recorded live in the studio. There is nary a slip up to hear and the songs carry the incredible energy that can only be found in a live setting. While a couple are pretty much carbon copies of the originals, for the most part she brings her own je ne sais quoi to these classics. Stone’s rendition of one of my personal faves Womack & Womack’s “Teardrops” is fantastic. Even though she is still quite young (25) there is much maturity here with her uncanny ability to belt out songs that require it and be restrained on those that don’t. Not many singers could get away with covering these songs and coming away smelling like a rose. Joss Stone comes out of her second soul session a British Rose. Soulful and powerful.

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