Marvel Animated Series: Wolverine

Based on the Frank Miller/Chris Claremont graphic novels, this was a series produced for a Japanese audience. Logan/Wolverine is in love with a woman named Mariko Yashida. By force she is taken back to Japan by her father, Shingen. Shingen is a well-known crime lord. In Japan Mariko’s father betroths her to Kurohagi, a criminal that her father wants to make an alliance with. This all does not stand well with Logan and he wants his love back.

Episode 1: Mariko: A man Logan hasn’t seen for 10 years locates him in New York and tells him about Mariko.

Episode 2: Yukio: Logan is back in Tokyo aiming to liberate Mariko from the clutches of her father.

Episode 3: Kikyo: Agent Asano is dead and the police believe Logan has done the deed. Meanwhile, Logan has his hands full with Kikyo, Shingen’s deadliest assassin.

Episode 4: Omega Red: Omega Red has returned and he has a score to settle with Logan.

Episode 5: Asana: After dealing with Omega Red Logan continues his quest to kill Shingen and liberate Mariko. This time he’s helped by Yukio, a female assassin.

Episode 6: Min: Cyclops arrives in Japan and brings Logan and Yukio to Madripoor where Shingen has escaped to.

Episode 7: Vadhaka: Kurohagi commands the statue that guards his palace, Vadhaka, to kill Logan.

Episode 8: Koh: Yukio has been captured by Kurohagi and Logan finds out she is the granddaughter of the underground rebellion leader, Koh.

Episode 9: Hell Road: After having rescued Yukio, Logan and she begin the shortcut to Dragon Palace, Hell Road.

Episode 10: Shingen: As Logan and Yukio make it past the three traps on Hell Road and approach Dragon Palace, Kurohagi releases a newly upgraded Vadhaka to deal with them.

Episode 11: Kurohagi: Vadhaka is defeated. Min is dead. Koh forges on with his plan for vengeance. Kikyo has found a heart. Kurohagi wants to continue on with his wedding.

Episode 12: Logan: Logan and Shingen have a final showdown inside the Dragon Palace.

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