The Raveonettes – Observator

Sharin Foo and Sune Rose Wagner are The Raveonettes. The two Danish musicians have returned with a 9 track album that returns to the sound they are famous for. Observator is filled with crunching guitars, a dreary atmosphere, gloomy lyrics, and beaucoup de bruit. There are a couple of upbeat moments to be found, but not so many that this could be described as sunny pop. Tracks like Young & Cold, Curse the Night and Til the End epitomize what The Raveonettes are about. Music that causes you to slip into a dreamy like state and contemplate life while looking at your shoes. Vocally, the best moments of the album come when Sharin and Sune’s vocals are working together to create great harmonies. The result is oftentimes mesmerizing. On the down side, I was at first upset when the CD was over so quickly but then I became more reasonable and just put Observator on repeat.

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