Gary Clark Jr. – Blak and Blu

Variety is the spice of life they say. Taking that old adage to heart Gary Clark Jr. has constructed an impressive debut album. Within the thirteen tracks on the album you will find soul, blues and rock music. On top of all those raucous musical styles he flexes his really impressive guitar playing muscles.  The guy is a wonder on the guitar! Several of his solos literally blew my mind. It is not only the guitar playing that is strong on Blak and Blu. Several of the songs have lyrics that are incredibly strong and pensive. The tracks all sound different from a Motown or gospel inspired song to one where he raps. Without ignoring the history of blues music Gary Clark Jr. has managed to bring it up to date and make it relatable for folks in 2012. He seems to have a bright future ahead of him as most critics have been drooling over this guy for a while now and he seems to have the uncanny ability to change things up enough to keep it interesting. A lot of musicians are said to make music that is timeless but it is rare that one actually does. This album is one of those rare occasions in which people of all ages will appreciate it and the songs will never go out of style.

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