Ke$ha – Warrior

There are few if any as polarizing pop artists around today as Ke$ha. Exploding out of the gates a few years back with her debut album and break out single “Tik Tok”, people didn’t know whether she was a gimmick act or a legit pop artist. If you dig a little beneath her crazy look and sometimes off putting personality you’ll see a talent. Ke$ha is more than a party girl who drinks too much then sings about it. One who writes her own songs and while working in the pop arena is still not afraid to spread her wings in order to experiment with different sounds. While her prime influence remains 80s music on this her second full-length album has chosen to make music that is steeped in 70s rock. Yes, it is a change from the full-on electropop we are used to from her though it is still in essence a pop album. Open your ears and your mind and you will still see the talent and courage there. It is still sexy and fun, it just sounds a little different. She still doesn’t give a fig about what is “proper” or expected; Ke$ha is her own artist. Besides the usually done by guys 70s rock you will still catch hints of other stuff like dubstep within her songs. An artist who seems to have absorbed every music genre she has heard. Many of her songs are mashups of different styles. The best example of that is the album’s lead single “Die Young”. It is electropop but there is also some 70s hippie rock there as well. When you listen to the whole album you quickly realize that there are plenty of potential singles there. Lyrically the songs are still fun but there is a little more substance there. She has said that magic is a theme to the songs on the album. Obviously many in the music industry see the talent as she has managed to get Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and Iggy Pop to appear on different tracks on Warrior. Ke$ha also worked with Nate Ruess of fun., Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke, Wiz Khalifa,, and Ben Folds.

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