Paloma Faith – Fall to Grace

It would be easy to dismiss this Brit songstress as a cheap Lady Gaga knockoff due to her outlandish visual style or it would be just as simple to say that she is just trying cash in on the Amy Winehouse retro-soul style but writing her off as simply derivative would be unfair. Way unfair. Yes, she is all diva in her performance. Yes, she and her crazy style are continuing down the path most recently forged by the departed Winehouse. Look beyond that you will hear a strong voice that has been expertly surrounded by music fashioned by über producers Nellee Hooper (Madonna, Bjork, No Doubt Massive Attack) and Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran). With her voice she really is able to emote the essence of the songs whether they require power or feeling. “30 Minute Love Affair” is a perfect example of that voice being used to perfection. A nice mix of pop and soul and I believe she deserves to be judged on her own merit.

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