Wang Chung – Tazer Up!

I seriously hope that fans of the British pop band were not holding their breath waiting for new stuff from them because twenty-three years is a long time to wait.  In 1989 the duo released The Lighter Side of Cool and it has been radio silence since then. Jack Hues and Nick Feldman found themselves with an abundance of new material and so they released Tazer Up! And then plan to release another full-length album in the spring sometime.

Tazer Up! kicks off with a remix by fellow Brits Psychemagik of one of their biggest hits “Dance Hall Days”. After that little bit of reminiscing it is all new stuff. As much time has passed since their last album it is no surprise that the band’s sound has changed a little. The guys are older and wiser. As opposed to the dancey pop music we are used to this is more along the singer/songwriter lines. “Stargazer” would definitely be at home on a rock radio station. They then move on to other musical styles over the course of the eleven tracks. Several of them remind me of acts from the 80s like “Justify Your Tone” has a Madonna vibe about it and “Why” is pure Duran Duran. The band has stated that most of the tracks on this album, which is only available digitally, were written in between 2004 and 2008.

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