Yo La Tengo – Fade

Whispery vocals and acoustic guitar singing about sad and beautiful things. This is the kind of sound I attribute to Yo La Tengo. They have been doing it for twelve albums and on Fade, their thirteenth studio album, they continue along that road. It is not often with pop albums that you notice the arrangements but they stick out like a well-manicured thumb on this one. Layer upon layer of dulcet beauty that adds up to a lush overall sound. Fine and elegant. A sound you can get lost in. Don’t let me lead you to believe that it is the same old same old as it also contains plenty of originality and a willingness to experiment with sounds. It is not completely different from what you would expect from them rather it is another part of the varied Yo La Tengo puzzle. Evolution is ongoing. The lyrics are particularly nostalgic with the leaning towards a look back over a middle-aged life lived and evaluating it. What I love about Fade and have over the course of their career is that this is a band that defies categorization. You cannot slot them into any one sound. Making music for music’s sake.

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