Amazing Ocean 3D – Blu-ray 3D/DVD Combo Edition

The ocean is a beautiful place, but also a mysterious one.  Humans live on land and so we are more familiar with the creatures we share our environment with.  Those that live in the Earth’s oceans are more unfamiliar to us.  Dolphins, sharks, whales, seals, and all the other creatures living in the ocean beg to be discovered.  We are all fascinated by what happens out of sight, so a film like this is a perfect one

As we go on this journey through the deep blue waters of the oceans on this planet it is like a whole new world is unlocked for us. The narration (by Glen McCready) and the cool music score (by Nassoum Hichri) add to the experience.  We follow different types of fish around and get to see what they do.  Several of the species are ones we know like rays, manatees, jellyfish, and clownfish (the type from Finding Nemo).  Some different species that you might not have ever seen before are introduced.  I had never seen a parrotfish or a trumpetfish before watching this.  You learn how sea turtles are endangered and how important that environmental protection is for these and other creatures.

The rather short film (55 minutes) is very beautiful to look at.  This is accentuated by the 3D effects.  Several scenes of fish poop and other floating matter is really cool.  It is so realistic that it will have you waving your hands around to brush it away.  It was shot in stereoscopic 3D so the images are really clear and pop out in a pleasing way.

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