Montreal Poutine Week

Even as a vegetarian I have to admit that I love me a good poutine.  It is part of being a Montrealer, I guess.  If you were born here it is part of your DNA.  Every Montrealer likes poutine; I mean what’s not to like about fries, sauce and cheese curds?  With that in mind it makes complete sense that we have a Poutine Week.

From February 1 until February 7 it will be so good to be so bad.  I mean, in regards to what you eat.  Forget about the diet your one at least for one meal this week and indulge in the national dish of Montreal.  From the same guys (including Na’eem Adam) behind Montreal Burger Week comes Montreal Poutine Week.  During this time 30 restaurants from around Montreal will compete to see who will be named Best Poutine.  These restaurants will enter their own unique twists on the traditional poutine recipe to come up with something sure to knock your socks off.  Or at least make the inevitable spike in your cholesterol level worthwhile.

The festivities surrounding this celebration of poutine will also include such activities as a celebrity poutine tasting parties that will feature chowing down by the Alouettes’ linebacker Shea Emry, radio host Ric Peterson and Olympic athlete Tracy Little.  There will also be a flash mob happening with the goal of celebrating poutine and helping us to work off some of the calories we have imbibed.

All poutines from the participating restaurant list will be offering their “special” poutiness for $5 for a sampler plate and $10 for a regular helping.

Additional Information:

-Dates:  February 1-7, 2013


-Participating Restaurants:  Poutineville Beaubien St., Decarie Hot Dog, Fabergé, Namos, Bistro Biarritz, Burgundy Lion Pub, Restaurant Paulo et Suzanne, Montreal Poutine, Lola Rosa Park, M:Brgr, Tazah, Blackstrap BBQ, La Bêtise, Bevo Bar & Pizzeria, Jukebox Burgers & Bar Laitier, Dani’s Pizzeria, Café Pavé, Globe, Miss Prêt à Manger, iBurger, Burger Bar Crescent, Scena, Planète Poutine et Cie, Lucky’s Truck, La Mauvaise Réputation, Poutineville Ontario St., Macaroni Bar, Lester’s Deli, Méchant Bœuf Bar & Brasserie, Poutineville Longueuil

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