The Who – Live at Hull 1970

Live at Hull is pretty similar to the brilliant Live at Leeds by The Who. The Hull show happened the night after the Leeds show in 1970 so that is understandable. It must have been a wonderful show as it truly sounds like a band that was at the height of their abilities and energy. One of the treasures of the recording is listening to Keith Moon play the drums. Actually, play is not accurate. He was giving the drums a beating. The guy was something else and if you have any doubts listen to this live show. Moon was not the only talent in the band as there have been very few guitarist with Pete Townsend’s combination of skill and flair, few lead singers with Roger Daltry’s vocal range and it is rare to stumble upon a bassist who truly is the backbone of a band like John Entwistle was. If you are a fan and you already have Live at Leeds it is still worthwhile to get this album due to the mind blowing 15-minute version of “My Generation”. All that can be said about it is “wow!”  On the second disc you get the live version of “Tommy” that they played throughout that period. In a live setting the songs are fairly stripped down and allowed the room they need to breathe.

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