Ron Sexsmith – Forever Endeavour

Reunited and they feel so good. The musical partnership of singer/songwriter Ron Sexsmith and producer Mitchell Froom is together again on Forever Endeavour. A combination that seems comfortable working together and bring out the best in each other. Ron Sexsmith supplies the everyday guy who writes superior lyrics vibe and Mitchell Froom surrounds that with beautifully arranged strings, woodwinds and arrangements. Though lots of Sexsmith’s material is about the heartbreak of love it is never too maudlin because he also shows some light at the end of that dark tunnel. In Ron Sexsmith’s world there is also that wonderful side of love which stops anyone listening from slitting their wrists. He is of a certain age in which there are plenty of miles on his tires and he has experienced a lot. Sexsmith sings from a place of knowledge and that lends plenty of authenticity to the whole affair. There are very few artists who can keep churning out such high quality stuff and yet still seem to be toiling largely in the shadows. He tried at one point to “update” his sound but it didn’t fit him. This is what works for Ron Sexsmith so he returned to making tunes that will affect your heart, mind and soul. Give credit to the guy because topping the charts, selling millions of albums and getting billions of hits on YouTube are not what this guy is looking for. He is first, foremost and exclusively a maker of music. One who can be counted on to release great album after great album.

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