Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away

Buying a Nick Cave album you know you are in for high quality lyricism and musicality. This skill is wrapped up in a cloth of world weariness though he is less melancholy than usual. It is an interesting combination to listen to him sing from the perspective of a mature man with still plenty fire in his gut. It is not an album that is going to knock you on your butt upon first listen to it. Like good wine it needs time (multiple listens) to get a full sense of this particular bouquet. If you really put effort into listening to what he is saying/singing then you will catch on to when he slows it down it does not render it impotent. Quite the opposite actually. It is charming in its own kind of way and at times verges on romantic. Who can resist that distinctive baritone? Cave is back with his longtime backing band, The Bad Seeds, and this is their first release on their own label, Bad Seed Ltd. The band is as tight as ever and provide lush and haunting sounds to support his words.

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