LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Season Two – Blu-ray Edition

Ninjango has been calm for as long as anyone can remember. That should be a glaring sign of something bad coming around the bend.  That something bad comes courtesy of Lloyd Garmadon, the son of the supremely baddie Lord Garmadon, in that he has somehow created a new kind of evil. Lloyd wants to follow in his father’s evil footsteps but that has put all of Ninjango in danger. The element wielding Ninja – Kai (fire), Jay (lightning), Zane (ice), and Cole (Earth) spring into action in defence of Ninjango.

Episode 1: Darkness Shall Rise: The ninjas have a new assignment and it is to train Lloyd. First off they have to find a place to train in.

Episode 2: Pirates vs. Ninja: The pirates of Destiny Bounty are brought back to life by Lord Garmadon. They proceed to attack Ninjago City.

Episode 3: Double Trouble: Lord Garmadon creates four dark ninjas in order to defeat the ninjas.  Jay is teaching Lloyd how to master lightning.

Episode 4: Ninjaball Run: The Dojo is out of money. In order to save it the ninjas enter the Ninjaball Run in the hopes of winning the prize money and save the Dojo.

Episode 5: Child’s Play: Lloyd is upset that he cannot remember his childhood. The ninjas are not sympathetic until Lord Garmadon turns them into children.

Episode 6: Wrong Place, Wrong Time: In order to stop the ninjas from training the green ninja in order to defeat him, Lord Garmadon travels back in time with the aim of stopping the ninjas from meeting one another.

Episode 7: The Stone Army: Museum workers are in a panic when venom from the Great Devourer starts seeping into the building. It goes from bad to worse when the venom brings a giant stone statue to life.

Episode 8: The Day Ninjago Stood Still: Ninjago undergoes a series of earthquakes and the ninjas believe that Lord Garmadon is behind them.

Episode 9: The Last Voyage: In order to restore their powers the ninjas travel to the dark island.

Episode 10: The Island of Darkness: After the restoration of their powers the ninjas focus them on Lloyd.

Episode 11: The Last Hope: The ninjas have one last chance to stop a fight between Lord Garmadon and Lloyd.  They have to steal Lord Garmadon’s helmet and return it to its original place.

Episode 12: Return of the Overlord: The ninjas fail to return the helmet before the clock hits zero. This brings about the resurrection of the Dark Overlord.

Episode 13: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master: The Overlord has managed to transform himself. The ninjas need the help of others plus the Helmet of Shadows to reverse it.

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