Veep: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Edition

Political figures have always been an easy target to poke fun of whether in film or on television. You take that poking fun at up a couple of levels when the political figure is the Vice President. It is easy to make fun of the person who only really gets to do anything if the President takes ill or dies. Up-and-coming politician Selina Meyers (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) makes the mistake of believing that accepting to run as Vice President will further her career. Instead, she soon discovers that it is the black hole of politics. Things go from bad to worse due to some negative press and her strained relationship with the President. All this adds up to sharp satire and plenty of belly laughs for viewers.

Episode 1: Fundraiser: Selina Meyers is the new Vice President of the United States.  She and her team are still figuring out how things work in Washington.

Episode 2: Frozen Yoghurt: Selina gets stuff accomplished because the President is away. The Vice President’s office gets some good news.

Episode 3: Catherine: Selina’s daughter makes a visit as he mother is celebrating her 20th year in Washington.

Episode 4: Chung: Selina is not sure that Governor Danny Chung (played by Randall Park) is the war hero he claims to be.

Episode 5: Nicknames: Selina becomes obsessed with the nicknames that people in Washington have for her.

Episode 6: Baseball: Amy goes to an event as Camden Yards with Amy (played by Anna Chlumsky). While there she lets slip to Amy a top secret.

Episode 7: Someone might get fired after Dan (played by Reid Scott) and Selina kill the Clean Jobs Bill. Selina makes some files public.

Episode 8: Tears: After traveling to Ohio to endorse a candidate he changes his mind and doesn’t want Selina’s endorsement. Amy and Mike (played by Matt Walsh) take advantage of Selina’s vulnerable side.

Special Features:

-Deleted Scenes

-The Making of Veep

-Anti-Obesity PSA and Outtakes

-Governor Chung Retraction and Outtakes

-Digital Copy

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