The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete First Season – Blu-ray Edition

Hard to believe that this show was almost cancelled after its first season. This is classic timeless comedy. Of a brand which is not made anymore. It is a situational comedy that is centered on the Petrie family. At the center of it all is Rob (played by Dick Van Dyke) and Laura (played by Mary Tyler Moore), who mesh so well that they are like water and water. Each just adds to and fills in for the other. The two actors play off of each other so well. Comedy writer Rob interacts with his wife Laura, his co-workers and his zany neighbours. Top notch cast coupled with great comedy writing.

Episode 1: The Sick Boy and the Sitter: Laura is hesitant about going to a party with Rob as she feels if she leaves something bad is going to happen to Ritchie.

Episode 2: The Meershatz Pipe: Rob is upset when Alan gives Buddy some gifts. He then goes home and starts feeling sick. Despite this he decides to return to work to finish a script.

Episode 3: Jealousy!: Laura finds herself in a constant state of jealousy when Rob has to spend his evenings working with a beautiful starlet. In reality, Rob has his hands full due to the diva’s constant demands.

Episode 4: Sally and the Lab Technician: Laura tries to play matchmaker between her cousin the pharmacist and Sally (played by Rose Marie). Even though he does not get a word in edgewise Thomas (played by Eddie Firestone) is smitten.

Episode 5: Washington vs. the Bunny: Rob has a choice to make: see his son perform at a school play or travel to Washington on business.

Episode 6: Oh How We Met the Night That We Danced: While they are going through some old stuff Rob and Laura think back to how they met and how Rob broke Laura’s foot.

Episode 7: The Unwelcome Houseguest: Rob agrees to take care of a dog without checking with Laura first. Laura and Richie are upset as they were hoping to go away for the long weekend.

Episode 8: Harrison B. Harding of Camp Crowder, Mo.: Rob is forced into bringing an old army friend home for dinner. Problems arise when he doesn’t recognize him and suspects he might be a jewel thief.

Episode 9: The Blonde-Haired Brunette: Thinking she is boring and unattractive, Laura decides to dye her hair blonde.

Episode 10: Forty-Four Tickets: Rob has two days to get his hands on 44 tickets for the Allan Brady Show for the PTA after it completely slips his mind.

Episode 11: To Tell Or Not to Tell: The Petrie household is in a state of chaos after Laura decides to return to her dancing career.

Episode 12: Sally is a Girl: Rob secretly hopes that Sally can find herself a man. Buddy (played by Morey Amsterdam) and Mel (played by Richard Deacon) believe that Rob is seeing Sally behind Laura’s back.

Episode 13: Empress Carlotta’s Necklace: Mel’s cousin Maxwell (played by Gavin MacLeod) sells Rob an ugly necklace for Laura. Laura wears it even though she doesn’t like it because she doesn’t want to offend her husband.

Episode 14: Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?: Buddy wants to get out of his contract so he can take a head writing job elsewhere. Mel and Rob help him do so but it doesn’t turn out as they planned.

Episode 15: Who Owes Who What?: Rob tries different ways to remind Buddy to pay him back the $25 he loaned him.

Episode 16: Sol and the Sponsor: Rob is trying to have Mr. Bermont (played by Roy Roberts) over for dinner but Sol (played by Marty Ingels) keeps intruding. Laura has to figure out how to feed everyone that Sol has invited over.

Episode 17: The Curious Thing About Women: Laura is convinced that an episode of The Allen Brady Show is about her. Rob decides it is time to teach her a lesson.

Episode 18: Punch Thy Neighbor: Neighbor Jerry (played by Jerry Paris) likes to tease people.  He goes a little too far when he jokingly tells everyone that this week’s episode of The Allan Brady Show was no good and in the process offends Rob.

Episode 19: Where Did I Come From?: After Richie asks the question where did I come from Rob and Laura decide to tell him the story.

Episode 20: The Talented Neighborhood: All the parents in the neighborhood believe that their kid is talented when The Allen Brady Show starts running a Talented Child Contest.

Episode 21: A Word a Day: After Rob and Laura see Richie reading the paper over breakfast Rob decides to get his IQ tested.

Episode 22: The Boarder Incident: Rob insists that Buddy stay with the Petries after he catches him sleeping at the office due to Pickles being out of town.

Episode 23: Father of the Week: Rob wins Father of the Week but Richie doesn’t want him to be there as he feels that his father cannot show people what he does for a living.

Episode 24: The Twizzle: Sally introduces Rob and Laura to a guy named Twizzle (played by Jerry Lanning) she met at the bowling alley. They go to the bowling alley to learn the dance called the Twizzle.

Episode 25: One Angry Man: Rob is called to be a member of a jury for a robbery case involving an attractive blonde woman. Rob wants to believe that she is innocent because she is so attractive.

Episode 26: Where You Been, Fassbinder?: Rob and Laura send Richie to bed after he asks Sally if she will ever get married. Rob, Buddy and Laura do not want Sally to be alone on her birthday.

Episode 27: I Am My Brother’s Keeper: Rob’s brother Stacey (played by Jerry Van Dyke) arrives for a visit.  Rob wants him to stay at a hotel because he sleepwalks.

Episode 28: The Sleeping Brother: Rob tells Jerry about Stacey’s sleepwalking problem.  He does have to be woken in time for his audition for The Allen Brady Show though.

Episode 29: The Bad Old Days: After he reads an article Buddy believes the American male is on the decline. He yearns for the days when men told women what to do.

Episode 30: The Return of Happy Spangler: Laura meets Happy Spangler (played by Jay C. Flippen) and he guesses who she is married to. Happy gave Rob his first job.

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