DJ Koze – Amygdala

Sometimes when you are dealing with big names in a particular music genre you often hype them up so much that whatever they produce is a disappointment. DJ Koze is somewhat of a superstar in the techno music world but his latest album is the exact opposite of a disappointment. Despite the, I’m sure, elevated expectations he comes through like a champion. The techno music you will find on Amygdala is of the minimalist variety but beautifully so. He fills out the sparseness with odd little add ons like a guitar jam, odd instruments, atmospheric noise, and hip hop jump-cuts. One of the strangest, yet my most favourite moments is the track that is the German language version of Rogers and Hart’s “I Could Write a Book”. Keeping us on our toes is DJ Koze. What is also amazing about this album is the emotion involved in it. “NooOoo” and “Don’t Lose My Mind” are both beautiful and will touch your heart. Making music that will endure and not go out of style in the techno genre is difficult but is something that DJ Koze makes seem effortless.

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