The Blue Planet: Seas of Life – Blu-ray Edition

For roughly seventy years now the BBC has turned out some wonderful wildlife documentaries. Add The Blue Planet: Seas of Life to that list. Right off the top when you have well-known and respected naturalist Sir David Attenborough narrating you bring a level of respectability to the whole thing that others cannot match. The ability they have to explain the complexities of the natural world in a way that we can all understand coupled with the beautiful pictures they capture make BBC’s wildlife series a must watch for those in any way interested in the planet we live on and the other species we share it with. Seas of Life is comprised of eight episodes that delve into the demystification of what goes on in the oceans of the planet.

Episode 1: Ocean World: Though roughly seventy percent of the planet is covered with water what happens in the water is largely a mystery to most of us. This episode goes deep into the oceans of the planet to show many of the larger creatures like killer whales and grey whales.

Episode 2: The Deep: Amazingly, more people have walked on the moon than have explored the depths of the planet’s oceans.  Many species that are not very well known like giant jellyfish and deep sea sharks are presented and explained.

Episode 3: Open Ocean: The open oceans make up 360 square kilometers of the planet’s surface. Much of that area is uninhabited as it is a very severe environment in which only the strongest of the strong survive. A fascinating examination of the more ferocious hunters of the waters and how they go about catching their prey.

Episode 4: Frozen Seas: The Arctic and Antarctic are cold and harsh environments. Yet some species still call those waters their home. Penguins, seals and polar bears all live there together and not necessarily harmoniously.

Episode 5: Seasonal Seas: The different seasons even affect the waters of the Earth. How much sun beams down upon the water can change many things. Learn how this affects seals, dolphins, jellyfish and even walking handfish.

Episode 6: Coral Seas: Coral reefs develop from what seems to be next to nothing to become beautiful and full of life environments. Though it may look beautiful it certainly is not paradise. Every inch of space is fought over and defended fiercely. Then there is also the threat of damage from storms.

Episode 7: Tidal Seas: The tide is not simply the movement of water to and fro from the shorelines; it serves a purpose. Every movement of the water equals different opportunities for different species. Giant stingrays use it to glide, crabs use it to get onto the beach, raccoons use the tide to bring them food, dolphins play catch and snails use it to get faster in order to hunt.

Episode 8: Coasts: The coast is the place that divides land from sea and is a site of plenty of activity. Seabirds come inland to breed, turtles come in from the water to lay their eggs, sea lions come ashore to give birth and some animals come ashore in order to do battle.

Special Features: Making of Featurettes, Interviews, Bonus Programs

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