Iron Man: Rise of the Technovore – Blu-ray Edition

Iron Man, like fellow comic book hero Batman, has undergone a sort of renaissance over the past decade. That rebirth has been courtesy of the live action films starring Robert Downey Jr. and has extended to the animated version.

Tony Stark (voiced by Matthew Mercer) is a very wealthy man who has developed a suit of armour that allows him to do battle against a variety of bad guys. This time he finds himself waging battle against a mysterious foe and over the course of the battle some innocent people are killed. Those who perish include Stark’s best friend Lt. Colonel James Rhodes (voiced by James C. Mathis III).

After the battle S.H.I.E.L.D. wants a few words with Iron Man, but he is not interested in discussion rather he wants to hunt down the baddie and exact revenge on behalf of his downed friend.  Iron Man escapes and focuses on hunting down his foe.  While trying to stay ahead of the Black Widow (voiced by Clare Grant) and Hawkeye (voiced by Troy Baker), Iron Man forges an uneasy alliance with the vigilante, The Punisher (voiced by Norman Reedus).

When Iron Man finally catches up with his foe he wonders whether he is up to the challenge.  What he is up against is a biotechnology called Technovore (voiced by Eric Bauza). Technovore is made from technology that is even more advanced than what Stark knows.  The entire planet is at risk unless Iron Man can somehow defeat the seemingly undefeatable evil entity.

If you are a fan of animation then check this one out as it is eye popping.  It really does justice to the action scenes and the technology involved.

What does drag down this film a little is the voice actors and the bad guy.  What is essential in all super hero/comic book films is the bad guy and how nasty they are.  The Technovore is very laid back and bottom line…boring. Never really allows the viewer to hate him or be frightened of him. That kills all the potential tension in my books.

Special Features: Conceptual Art Gallery, Tale of the Technovore, S.H.I.E.L.D.: Protecting the Marvel Universe, Previews of Sony Blu-ray Disc, The Amazing Spider-Man, Champion Your Destiny, Men in Black III, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Resident Evil: Damnation

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