One Life – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

For the over five million species living on this extraordinary planet the cycle of life is very similar. All are born, grow, search for food and companionship/love, reproduce, and attempt to survive to an old age.  The BBC documentary One Life, narrated by James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, tries to illustrate the commonality we have with the other creatures on this planet and the life cycles of different species.

On the BBC television network there is a series called Life.  This film is a collection of scenes from that television series.  They work well together and are worth another look even if you have already seen the series.  The narration by Daniel Craig is melodic and he conveys all the emotions that will amplify your enjoyment of the film.  As far as the music goes it is subtle enough that it doesn’t overwhelm.

The film has sections involving the hunter vs. prey, mothers with cubs/babies, the hunt for food, and the intricate things that are done for survival.  With all the different animal scenes what the directors have tried to convey through the film is how similar animals and humans are.  We learn how connected we are and how we strive for the same things.

When you watch a wildlife documentary you don’t go into it expecting humour, action, drama, emotion, and tragedy.  All this and more is in One Life.  It is appropriate for adults and kids alike.  Even the young ones will be able to grasp the simple story.  All ages can learn something plus the cinematography is top notch.

Special Features:

-Behind the scenes
– Animal Film Clips
– Making of One Life
– Making of (Featuring Daniel Craig)
– Interviews

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