The Replacements – Songs for Slim

Most of the time albums or EPs (as in this case) are made/recorded in order to gain fame, exposure and earn a living for bands. Songs for Slim by The Replacements is very different. Guitarist Slim Dunlap suffered a stroke and is presently paralyzed, so his medical costs, as you can imagine, are immense. The other members of the band decided to record this EP in order to collect funds for Slim’s medical costs. Besides the good cause fans of the band must be over the moon as it is their first recording in 23 years. The five songs they have chosen to record include two written by Slim, a cover of Hank Williams’ “Lost Highway”, a song from the musical Gypsy, and a song by Gordon Lightfoot “I’m Not Sayin’”. Despite the passing of time and the inactivity lead singer Paul Westerberg sounds great. All five songs are good in their own way. There are not many bands out there that have the range to be able to do covers of a Broadway musical, Gordon Lightfoot and Hank Williams and do them more than justice. From the boogie feel of “Busted Up” to the pure rock and roll of “Radio Hook Word Hit” they are all a fun listen. Great to hear the band making music again and hope that plenty of money is raised for Slim’s health care.

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