Paramore – Paramore

With members Josh and Zac Farro leaving the band you had to think there would be some stylistic changes with the music that Paramore would produce for their fourth album.  Especially since the departure of the Farro brothers did not seem amicable. Longtime fans, I’m sure, were worried that Paramore would become a Hayley Williams group. Upon listening to the self-titled album I initially believed the fears to be warranted. Much of the energy and charisma inherent in the music seems to have dissipated. That is too bad because this is what distinguished the young band from other modern rock outfits. Even frontwoman Hayley Williams’ voice seems to have changed. These two criticisms are things that will jump out at you immediately but if you take the time to really absorb the album then you’ll come to the conclusion that it is a cohesive and deeper album than what they’ve done previously. Say it together people, “Change is normal”. All is not bad as you first thought as several of the tracks are great and will stick in your head immediately. “Grow Up”, “Part II” and “Ain’t It Fun” are standouts. Also on the positive side, with the departure of the two former founding members the band seems more willing to experiment with their sound. As a result most of the songs are unique sounding, meaning that each track is different from the one preceding it. They can all be classified under the pop rock umbrella despite the differences.

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