Touched By an Angel: The Seventh Season

For a series that focused on spirituality and a relationship with God this was a very successful program during the 1980s. This season the stories focus on subjects such as cloning, racial relations, college hazing and drug use as well as the usual ones – family, love and faith. It is this season that Valerie Bertinelli joined the cast as a new angel. Keep your eyes open for guest appearances by Bonnie Franklin, Richard Chamberlain, Randy Travis, Delta Burke, Mandy Pantinkin, Rue McClanahan and John Schneider.

Episode 1: The Face on the Bar Room Floor: A wealthy man disinherits his son in order to teach him that money is not everything in life.

Episode 2: Legacy: A father insists that his son attends his university and join the fraternity he belonged to. The angels attempt to help the son forge his own way in life and the father to help deal with a secret from his past.

Episode 3: The Invitation: It is Halloween time and the angels have to deal with the greatest evil – Satan.

Episode 4: Restoration: A 102-year-old reclusive former film director is prodded to open up about his career by an aspiring student filmmaker.

Episode 5: Finger of God: Tracking what appears to be the last twister of his career, a stormchaser learns an important lesson courtesy of the angels.

Episode 6: The Empty Chair: A husband and wife team’s morning show is canceled giving them plenty of time to deal with a long buried secret from the beginning of their marriage.

Episode 7: God Bless the Child: In an attempt to help a 14-year-old addict Monica (played by Roma Downey) uses the story of Billie Holiday and her battle with drugs to help the girl and her grandmother deal with a painful loss.

Episode 8: Reasonable Doubt: Monica is a juror on a murder trial and she is the only one fighting for an innocent man who might go to jail for the murder of his girlfriend.

Episode 9: The Grudge: Monica and Tess (played by Della Reese) try to help two long time feuding neighbours as their fighting could change the life of a young boy.

Episode 10: An Angel on My Tree: The angels try to teach forgiveness to a family in which the father is in prison for manslaughter.

Episode 11: Mi Familia: A young couple and their baby are having trouble with her father, who does not approve of the young man and his gang affiliations.

Episode 12: The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways: Monica and Andrew (played by John Dye) tell stories about Tess to a new angel.

Episode 13: Death in the Family: A narcotics detective (played by Scott Baio) accidentally shoots an innocent young African-American boy setting off racial tension in the neighbourhood.

Episode 14: Bringer of Light: A teen begins to wonder if God or science created the universe and as a result she argues with her father, who is a scientist and an atheist.

Episode 15: Thief of Hearts: An orphan with a heart condition steals a locket from a newspaper attendant while the angels try to help the woman deal with her past.

Episode 16: Winners, Losers, and Leftover: A career oriented man has to learn from the angels how to balance work and family.

Episode 17: I Am an Angel: A 7-year-old boy is having a tough time after the death of his father so his older brother tries to convince an actor who plays an angel on a television show to visit the young boy to cheer him up.

Episode 18: Visions of Thy Father: A young photojournalist catches his father having an affair and it causes a falling-out between the two.

Episode 19: The Penalty Box: When the rich father of a young snooty star hockey player suffers a financial setback the player has to learn about modesty, teamwork and leadership.

Episode 20: Band of Angels: A teenager with a desire to become a musician decides to steal a guitar from his boss only he accidentally ends up killing the store owner, who is a famous blues musician.

Episode 21: The Sign of the Dove: A man who owns a struggling business comes upon hard times and tries something desperate to save his livelihood.

Episode 22: Face of God: Monica meets a scientist who is on the cusp of being able to clone living things and she is not sure how she feels about it.

Episode 23: Netherlands: Monica becomes the mentor of a brand new angel named Gloria (played by Valerie Bertinelli).

Episode 24: Shallow Water, Part 1: Monica’s faith is restored in time for her to work with a singer whose family was devastated by a bus crash.

Episode 25: Shallow Water, Part 2: The angels work hard to try to reunite a gospel choir family by coming to terms with a terrible accident.

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