Patty Griffin – American Kid

After a collaboration with boyfriend (the one and only Robert Plant) Patty Griffin is back on her own and doing what she does best. She has been one of the bright lights on the country music scene for many a year in that she makes music with beautiful harmonies and non-traditional sounding country music. On American Kid Griffin takes an even bigger step towards redefining what can be classified as country music. The beloved and beautiful harmonies (Plant provides backing vocals on three tracks) are still there but maybe due to the fact that the album is built around a tribute to her deceased father it is also filled with crunchy, bluesy styled guitar work. The emotion involved is incredible and deep. As a listener you cannot help but be moved by it.  Poignant stuff! Even her voice is intense and raw. You can hear and as a result feel the pain she is feeling in regards to the death of her father. On this album she goes a long way towards proving that she is right up there with Gillian Welch and Emmylou Harris when it comes to being la crème de la crème of female country singer/songwriters.

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