Rilo Kiley – Rkives

Rilo Kiley has been around for a decade. Over that time the band has accumulated a collection of unreleased songs. Fans have waited with bated breath for them to officially release the nuggets. That time is now. The b-sides, demos and rarities that they have hoarded are now available for everyone’s enjoyment. The 16 song album goes chronologically backwards so you can travel through time with the songs. You realize how this band has contributed to putting indie pop in the collective consciousness of music fans. Despite the fact that these are raw and previously unreleased songs there are precious few throw aways to be found. Almost every song is strong and serves a purpose. A nice dose of Jenny Lewis’ wailing voice coupled with smart lyrics and lovely guitar hooks. There is even a rap. Never a dull moment with these pseudo cowpokes. There is a nice personal touch to the album with original artwork done by them on the album cover, some of their own photos and handwritten lyrics on the included 24-page booklet. Makes it feel like the treasure that it is. Hopefully putting this album together has made the members of Rilo Kiley realize that they have missed being together and making music prompting them to get back together.

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