John Fogerty – Wrote a Song for Everyone

Sometimes I get tired of collaborations. Let me clarify that. Sometimes I feel like collaborations are expected so they become predictable and have nothing fresh about them. That is equally true of an artist trotting out songs they have previously recorded. But there is something really great about the energy brought to all the classic John Fogerty songs (with or without CCR) by his redoing them with other singers. Two things came out of listening to this album. One, it reminded me that a classic song is timeless. It does not matter how much time passes but “Fortunate Son” (with Foo Fighters), “Bad Moon Rising” (with Zac Brown Band) and “Born on the Bayou” (with Kid Rock) will continue to be great rock songs. Why that is first and foremost is that the man knows how to strings lyrics together; he is a great songwriter. As an aside you also get to hear Fogerty singing with Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Alan Jackson and Bob Seger. And two, John Fogerty has the perfect rock/blues voice. That gravely growl of his is like someone constructed it specifically for this reason. Besides the twelve reinterpretations of his songs Fogerty has also written two new tracks, “Mystic Highway” and “Train of Fools”. It might take you a few listens to “accept” the newer takes on the songs but once you do you will be hooked.

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