Hanson – Anthem

Hanson is a trio that had three strikes against it in critics’ minds from the very beginning in 1997. One, they were very young. Two, they were three brothers. And finally, they were a boy band. Not your put together by an über-producer prototypical boy band but one nonetheless. They made young girls scream by the thousands and maybe even millions. All this plus the fact that their first single was called “MMMBop”. Incredibly catchy but derided by those in the know. After this big start the band pretty much disappeared after some label problems. Dial forward sixteen years and the Hanson brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac, are all grown up, married with kids of their own. They have just released their sixth album, Anthem. The songs on the album vary in sound from straight up pop rock to soul to a much heavier sound. Whatever genre they use they pack their songs with guitar riffs and melodies that build. All of this is designed to put your hands up in the air and sing along with the choruses. Despite the scoffs you might be issuing while reading this review I assure you that the music they are now making shows definite maturing. Yes, they have refined their sound, but this is to be expected as they were mere boys when they began and are now men.

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