Courage My Love – Becoming

Producer Chris Perry and rock trio Becoming got together in a Toronto studio to record this 8 song EP. The band, comprised of twin sisters Mercedes (vocals/guitar) and Phoenix (drums/vocals) along with the newest member, Brandon Lockwood (bass), won a local battle of the bands contest back in Kingston, Ontario and have gained quite a reputation for tearing up the stage in their live shows. Then there was there debut album, For Now, released in 2011.  Pop punk is where I would slot their music with its melodies backed up with an in your face nature to it. The songs on this EP show signs of growth from the 2011 album. What I do miss from the debut that is not here is the unbridled youthful energy. It has been toned down. Makes me wonder if it is natural progression, getting older and such, or it is simply an attempt to be more widely marketable. One interesting part is the solid slower songs amidst the eight on the EP. Vocalist Mercedes has a good voice and the trio does have a sound that is very marketable.  Now it is up to their new label Warner to make music fans aware of Courage My Love and help them build on what is the beginning of a successful music career.

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