Aerial America: New England Collection – Blu-ray Edition

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. What we know think of as the United States began in these first colonies. All part of the oldest parts of the country but all very different. Connecticut is filled with Yankee charm, Maine is a haven for outdoors types, Rhode Island a small place with a lot of history, New Hampshire where the spirit of independence began, Vermont is beautiful in fall and winter, and Massachusetts has a ton of colourful characters that will entertain you.

Beautiful pictures and lots of information over the course of these episodes. It shows that the area is not only beautiful to look at but chock full of history. You’ll learn things that you probably didn’t know before like all the high profile writers from the area, information about the witch trials, how Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a booming technology area, and how important casinos are to Connecticut.

The shows will show you all the beautiful seasons in these six states, the historical landmarks, breathtaking coastlines, and much of the hundreds of years of history from the New England area.

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