Dynasty: Season 7 – Volumes 1 + 2

What could be a better guilty pleasure than watching a nighttime soap opera that centers around the wealthy and features sex, greed, betrayal, and ambition? Not much, I say. Dynasty was a much watch during a big part of the eighties and as such it was an incredibly popular program that influenced style and saw many discuss it around the water cooler the next day at work. People continued to tune in to see who Alexis (played by Joan Collins) was going to go after and held their breath waiting for the day when she and Krystle (played by Linda Evans) would engage in a cat fight. Though it really was a load of schlock it was entertaining schlock and kept people riveted. Dynasty was another in a long line of similar soap operas that made creator Aaron Spelling a very wealthy man.

Volume 1:

Episode 1: The Victory: As we begin Blake (played by John Forsythe) has his hands around Alexis’s throat. Krystle intervenes and literally saves Alexis’s life.

Episode 2: Sideswiped: Sammy Jo (played by Heather Locklear) begins to develop feelings for Clay Fallmont (played by Ted McGinley). Blake goes up against the new publisher of the Denver Mirror – Alexis.

Episode 3: Focus: Krystle recovers from the car crash in the hospital. Blake wants revenge on Alexis.

Episode 4: Reward: Alexis vows to bring Blake down if it’s the last thing she does. Michael Culhane (played by Wayne Northrop), a man with revenge on his mind, begins to seduce Amanda (played by Karen Cellini).

Episode 5: The Arraignment: Blake is put in jail due to the fire at La Mirage. Dominique’s (played by Diahann Carroll) daughter Jackie (played by Troy Byer) gives evidence that proves Blake’s innocence and he is released.

Episode 6: Romance: Ben (played by Christopher Cazenove) vows revenge on Alexis as she rekindles her romance with Dex (played by Michael Nader). Fallon (played by Emma Samms) returns to caution her sister Amanda about falling for Michael.

Episode 7: The Mission: Sammy Jo tells Steven (played by Jack Coleman) she is pregnant with Clay’s child. Clay and Dex free Alexis’s sister Caress (played by Kate O’Mara) from a foreign prison Ben had her thrown in on trumped up charges.

Episode 8: The Choice: Caress accepts a job from her sister but really has revenge foremost on her mind. Caress, needing money, blackmails Emily Fallmont (played by Pat Crowley).

Episode 9: The Secret: Clay wants Sammy Jo to have an abortion. He then changes his mind, proposes and they are married in Las Vegas.

Episode 10: The Letter: Caress leaves Denver for good. Before she dies, Emily writes an incriminating letter about Alexis and Ben and leaves it for Blake.

Episode 11: The Ball: Sammy Jo does not tell Clay that she is not really pregnant. Blake is forced to stop the Crater Project.

Episode 12: Fear: Ben won’t even hear of peace between himself and his brother, Blake. Dominique and Alexis come to blows.

Episode 13: The Rig: Adam (played by Gordon Thomson) tells Dana (played by Leann Hunley) he loves her. Ben, Alexis and Blake are on an oil rig in China when it explodes.

Episode 14: A Love Remembered – Part 1: Ben rescues his brother, Blake, who once he awakens in the hospital has amnesia. Alexis sees an opportunity to regain power and plays along with Blake, who thinks they are still married.

Episode 15: A Love Remembered – Part 2: Sammy Jo wants to annul her marriage to Clay. Once Krystle appears Blake’s memory returns.

Episode 16: The Portrait: Not knowing whether to choose Michael or her father, Amanda runs away to London. Clay and Steven come to blows over Sammy Jo.

Volume 2:

Episode 1: The Birthday: Adam and Dana get engaged. Blake and Krystle are devastated when a sick Krystina (played by Jessica Player) is hospitalized in critical condition.

Episode 2: The Test: Blake and Krystle are shattered by the news that to live their young daughter needs a heart transplant. Krystle is not happy when Alexis comes to the hospital to console Blake.

Episode 3: The Mothers: A possible heart donor for Krystina is found. Carrington family enemy Neal McVane (played by Paul Burke) is released from prison and returns with shocking news for Adam.

Episode 4: The Surgery: Neal McVane tightens the screws on Adam. Sarah Curtis (played by Cassie Yates) first agrees then changes her mind about allowing Krystina to have her daughter’s heart.

Episode 5: The Garage: Adam cannot accept being thought of a real Carrington. Krystina returns home and Krystle brings a suicidal Sarah to live with them.

Episode 6: The Shower: Tired of being played for the fool by Alexis, Michael teams up with Neal McVane. Adam calls off his wedding to Dana.

Episode 7: The Dress: Blake hires an investigator to look into Adam’s strange behaviour. Clay and Leslie (played by Terri Garber) become close which incenses Clay’s father, Buck (played by Richard Anderson).

Episode 8: Valez: Steven, upset about his feelings for Sammy Jo and his sexuality, gets into an accident with Danny’s (played by Jameson Sampley) horse. After Krystle tells Sarah it is time for her to move out Sarah decides to kidnap Krystina.

Episode 9: The Sublet: Now a successful oil man, Nick Kimball (played by Richard Lawson) proposes to Dominique. Blake and Krystle are desperate to find Krystina.

Episode 10: The Confession: After locating Sarah and Krystina, Blake and Krystle seek help for Sarah. Adam finally confesses what has been bothering him to Blake and Alexis.

Episode 11: The Affair: Clay shocks Leslie with the news that they could be brother and sister. Krystle tries her best to help Sarah through her grief.

Episode 12: Shadowplay: Dominique agrees to marry Nick. Adam is over the moon when Blake and Alexis decide to adopt him.

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