Backstreet Boys – In a World Like This

(Ladies of a certain age sing it with me) “Backstreet’s back.” Boy band turned adults with kids, Backstreet Boys are back and with their original line-up as Kevin Richardson has returned to the group. In a World Like This is their eighth album and is a celebration of their twentieth anniversary as a group. Too bad this isn’t much of a celebration, however. Someone has forgotten to remind the Boys that the times have changed and so has music. Much of the album is filled with songs that are very dated. From another time. Time has marched on for everything but the music of the Backstreet Boys. Either they are trying too hard to prove they are still relevant or really are not in touch with music today. Another thing that hasn’t changed and is positive is that they are good vocalists and their voices mesh very well. There is no debating the singing is strong…that is not the problem. For fans an unexpected surprise on the album will be the abundance of acoustic songs.

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