The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Complete Fifth Season – Blu-ray Edition

They say that all good things come to an end. I don’t really understand or agree with that statement but it does unfortunately tend to be the case. This is even true when it comes to award winning television shows. One day you are winning and the next you are cancelled. Season five was the last season of The Dick Van Dyke Show. Its popularity as a show was due to the chemistry of the two leads, Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, and the successful use of classic comedy tools or situations. The type of television that is appropriate and can be enjoyed by every generation.

Episode 1: Coast-to-Coast Big Mouth: Laura (played by Mary Tyler Moore) is made by a TV show host to reveal to the audience that Alan Brady is really bald.

Episode 2: A Farewell to Writing: Rob (played by Dick Van Dyke) is looking for a new challenge so he decides to write a novel. It is not deep into the process that he discovers that writing comedy is easier.

Episode 3: Uhny Uftz: While working late one night Rob and Buddy (played by Morey Amsterdam) keep thinking that they hear a voice saying “Unhy uftz”. To get to the bottom of things they begin to look through a supposedly abandoned office in the building.

Episode 4: The Ugliest Dog in the World: Rob has to write a part for a dog that is going to appear on The Alan Brady Show. After the dog’s cut from the show Rob tries to find it a home.

Episode 5: No Rice At My Wedding: Rob thinks back to a time when Laura was a raffle prize and he had to put a stop to Clark Rice (played by Van Williams) marrying her.

Episode 6: Draw Me a Pear: Laura convinces Rob to take an art class with her. Soon he becomes the teacher’s pet.

Episode 7: The Great Petrie Fortune: A hunt for a supposed family treasure begins after Rob’s watches a home movie made by his deceased Uncle Hezekiah.

Episode 8: Odd But True: Richie (played by Larry Mathews) points out that the freckles on Rob’s back form the Liberty Bell. Millie (played by Ann Margaret Guilbert) wants to take a picture of it and submit it to Odd But True.

Episode 9: Viva Petrie: The Petrie’s maid tells Manuel Luis Rodriguez (played by Joby Baker) to go see Rob to find him a job. It is a test because all Manuel knows how to do is bullfight.

Episode 10: Go Tell the Birds and Bees: The Petries are called in by the school psychologist after Richie tells his class a crazy version of the birds and the bees to his classmates.

Episode 11: Body and Sol: Rob tells Buddy and Sally (played by Rose Marie) a story about how he became the middleweight champion at Army Camp.

Episode 12: See Rob Write, Write Rob, Write: At the butcher’s Laura sees pictures drawn by his son. Inspired she decides to write a story to go with the pictures.

Episode 13: You’re Under Arrest: After Rob and Laura have a fight he storms out. After spending the evening sleeping through the film at the drive-in he is arrested for assaulting an older lady in a bar.

Episode 14: Fifty-Two, Forty-Five or Work: The Alan Brady Show goes on hiatus causing Rob to worry about how he is going to support his family.

Episode 15: Who Stole My Watch?: Rob gets an expensive watch for his birthday. When it disappears he suspects his co-workers and friends.

Episode 16: I Do Not Choose to Run: After giving a speech at the city council meeting people will nominate Rob as city councilor of New Rochelle.

Episode 17: The Making of a Councilman: Rob is rethinking his decision to run for City Councilman when he meets his competitor Lincoln Goodheart (played by Wally Cox).

Episode 18: The Curse of the Petrie People: Laura accidentally breaks an ugly broach that tells the tale of the Petrie family. Now she has to try and fix it before her mother-in-law’s next visit.

Episode 19: The Bottom of Mel Cooley’s Heart: Mel (played by Richard Deacon) catches trouble from Alan Brady after neglecting to tell him there was a change in the script. Rob tries to get him to stand up for himself but Mel ends up getting fired.

Episode 20: Remember the Alimony: Rob and Laura leave Texas for Mexico only to discover it is easier to get a divorce than get married.

Episode 21: Dear Sally Rogers: Sally is desperate for a husband so she goes on The Steve Parsons Show. She believes she has found a man…or has she?

Episode 22: Buddy Sorrell, Man and Boy: Rob and Sally believe that Buddy is having an affair. In actuality he is preparing for his bar mitzvah.

Episode 23: Bad Reception in Albany: Rob and Laura attend a wedding being held in Albany. Alan asks Rob to watch a fashion show and to tell him what he thought of it.

Episode 24: Talk to the Snail: Thinking that there is going to be cut backs at work Rob applies for a job with a ventriloquist and his rude puppet, Jelly Bean.

Episode 25: A Day in the Life of Alan Brady: At the anniversary of Jerry and Millie it becomes the locale of a documentary of a day in the life of Alan Brady.

Episode 26: Obnoxious, Offensive, Egomaniac, Etc.: Laura reads a script that insults Alan Brady. The team, in a rush to get to the theatre, forgets that Alan has that copy of the script.

Episode 27: The Man From My Uncle: A government agent decides to use Richie’s bedroom as the locale for his stakeout on the Petries’ next door neighbour. Rob is enthralled by everything about the agent including his gadgets and lingo.

Episode 28: You Ought to be in Pictures: Rob is cast in a low-budget film. This upsets Laura immensely because he cannot act.

Episode 29: Love Thy Other Neighbor: Laura and Rob spend time with the Staggs, their new neighbors. This makes Millie jealous.

Episode 30: Long Night’s Journey Into Day: Rob and Jerry go on a fishing trip. Millie stays with Laura who is watching a mynah bird.

Episode 31: The Gunslinger: Rob needs a tooth removed and Jerry decides to do it. while this is happening he has a dream about being a gunslinger in the West.

Episode 32: The Last Chapter: After five years, Rob is finally finished writing his autobiography. He gives it to Laura to read.

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