Devo – Hardcore

Before they were those quirky guys wearing flower pots on their heads Devo was truly cutting edge. During the mid 1970s they cut these demos and as you can hear their sound was quite different from “Whip It”. The guitars are choppier and the synthesizers are less refined than they came to be in the 1980s. They still made fun and funny songs but they had a little bit more bite to them. Interested in making pop art and springing forth from Kent State meant that these guys had ideas that were not part of your usual pop music fare. Frustrated art grads who were not happy about what they saw going on in the world around them, they decided to create music that forwarded the idea that human beings were devolving and not evolving. Many non fans will not even give this stuff a chance but if you are interested in non commercial yet deadly funny music then check this out.

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