Doctor Who: Spearhead From Space – Blu-ray Edition

A classic Doctor Who episode that was the first filmed all in colour and on location BBC Wood Norton and a pub in Radford. It was the first of a four-part series featuring the Third Doctor (played by John Pertwee).

Due to the fact that he has broken the rule about the laws of time, Doctor Who is being punished by Time Lords. They are making him change his appearance, banished him to Earth and taken away his ability to time travel. Once on Earth Doctor Who realizes that he isn’t the only alien to have arrived.

Despite the fact that this was filmed originally in 1970 because it was done on 16 mm the picture is crisp and clear not looking dated at all.  It is realistic looking with great colours.

Special Features:

  • Restoration Comparison: Digitally Remastered Picture and Sound Quality
  • A Dandy and a Clown
  • Carry On: The Life of Caroline John
  • Title Sequence Material

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