Betty Boop: The Essential Collection – Volume 1 – Blu-ray Edition

What animated character Jessica Rabbit was to the late eighties was what Betty Boop was in the 1930s. Betty Boop, a character from the Roaring Twenties, was one of the most popular and probably first animated sex symbols. Her fans were mostly adults as the cartoons were often sexual in nature and definitely adult in content. Prepare yourself for some racy and wild stuff. These twelve animated shorts from the 1930s are available for the first time on Blu-ray. Three women, Mae Questel, Bonnie Poe and Ann Little, supplied the voice of Betty Boop. Cab Calloway and Jack Mercer supplied guest voices.

CHESS NUTS (1932) – Two men are playing chess. The chess pieces keep changing into Bimbo and Betty. Betty is trying to not be captured by the black king.

BETTY BOOP, M.D. (1932) – Betty and her pals are selling a tonic called Jippo. Betty uses her feminine wiles to make the stuff irresistible. Once people start taking the tonic it has some strange effects on them.

BETTY BOOP’S BAMBOO ISLE (1932) – Bimbo goes native and Betty also finds herself of a little darker complexion as well.  She dances up a hula storm.

BETTY BOOP FOR PRESIDENT (1932) – Betty’s political opponent is Mr. Nobody. She gets the jump on him by promising everything and anything to the constituents.

BETTY BOOP’S PENTHOUSE (1933) – A mutant monster is a big threat. Betty’s “assets” distract Bimbo and Koko. She is able to transform the monster into something less dangerous.

BETTY BOOP’S BIRTHDAY PARTY (1933) – It is her birthday and Betty is depressed about getting older. The fact that she has a lot of housework and is still single does not help matters. It is Koko and Bimbo to the rescue.

BETTY BOOP’S MAY PARTY (1933) – The town is covered in rubber which leads to plenty of fun for Betty and her friends.

BETTY BOOP’S HALLOWE’EN PARTY (1933) – It is time for Betty’s annual Halloween party. The party is at risk because of a prowling gorilla.

BETTY BOOP’S RISE TO FAME (1934) – How Betty came to be.

BETTY BOOP’S TRIAL (1934) – Freddy, Betty’s on and off again boyfriend, is a copy who stops Betty  for speeding. Betty manages to charm the judge and jury.

BETTY BOOP’S LIFE GUARD (1934) – Freddy is the lifeguard and Betty is spending a day at the beach. Betty is in trouble in the water and Freddy comes to her rescue.

THE FOXY HUNTER (1937) – Betty’s nephew Junior and Pudgy the Dog get into a jam after trying to be small game hunters.

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