Unforgettable: The First Season

Carrie Wells (played by Poppy Montgomery) is not your typical New York cop.  First she is a hottie and second she has hyperthymesia, which means she can remember everything.  And I mean everything. What time the sun rose on a certain date, what day and where Al (played by Dylan Walsh) bought a shaving kit and most importantly for her job an entire crime scene. Her powers of recall and memory are incredible. For her they are a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it along with her elevated deductive ability helps her solve tough cases. A curse because sometimes she just wants a memory to fade. The only case in which her memory has not been perfect is the one time she wanted to use it. When they were young Carrie’s sister Rachel was murdered. Carrie was around but cannot remember anything. It has been twenty-five years and the case remains unsolved.

Episode 1: Pilot: A murder brings Carrie’s ex back into the picture. She is now working again as a cop.

Episode 2: Heroes: A young boy sees his parents being murdered. Carrie uses her past to help catch the killer.

Episode 3: Check Out Time: A hotel guest is murdered and the prime suspect is a maid. Carrie uses her special ability to figure out whether the maid is a killer or a victim.

Episode 4: Up in Flames: A crime scene explodes so Carrie’s memory becomes even more vital. Carrie finds out that Al and Elaine (played by Annie Parisse) are looking for an apartment.

Episode 5: With Honor: During a bowling night Al’s mentor is gunned down. As the investigation into the murder proceeds it seems like Al’s former partner might have been a dirty cop.

Episode 6: Friended: A Manhattan socialite heiress is murdered and the investigation sheds light on the after-hours clubs lifestyle. Digging into the victim’s past it seems like she did not exist until eighteen months ago.

Episode 7: Road Block: The team’s latest case involves the search for a missing baby whose father was killed. A family secret uncovered during the investigation throws everyone for a loop.

Episode 8: Lost Things: A public defender is killed and Carrie heads up the investigation. It seems like his murder was just the beginning of a much bigger assassination plot.

Episode 9: Golden Bird: A suicide by a teenager is more than it seems. Carrie tries to get more clues about her sister’s murder from her visiting aunt (played by Marilu Henner).

Episode 10: Trajectories: Carrie and Al have their hands full with an investigation of a gang-related shooting and then it becomes even more complicated when a second shooting happens that involves a crowd of bystanders. Payback or a coincidence?

Episode 11: Spirited Away: A man who hunted ghosts is killed. His final case unveils a secret.

Episode 12: Butterfly Effect: A young construction worker is murder at the site of his latest job. The murder might have ties to the underworld.

Episode 13: Brotherhood: A body is discovered at a frat house. The clues all point to a hazing ritual and a drug ring.

Episode 14: Carrie’s Caller: Carrie is called by a sniper who tips her off beforehand in a cryptic way of the murders he is about to commit. Medical examiner Joanne Webster (played by Jane Curtin) joins the team.

Episode 15: The Following Sea: Carrie helps Al try to solve a two year old murder case. In order to do so she goes undercover as a sailor.

Episode 16: Heartbreak: A murder victim seems to have been dropped from a plane into a baseball stadium. The team follows the trail a clues and it seems to have been linked to a bank robbery.

Episode 17: Blind Alley: Detective Roe Sanders (played by Kevin Rankin) shoots and kills a suspect. The victim’s father, upset by what he believes to be an unwarranted killing, comes to the police station and ends up taking hostages.

Episode 18: The Comeback: A young tennis player in the midst of a comeback is murdered.  It seems like her murder might have something to do with a political scandal.

Episode 19: Allegiances: Carrie has to figure out her loyalties. A close friend of her boyfriend’s (played by Jackson Hurst) is the prime suspect in a murder with mob ties.

Episode 20: You Are Here: An explosion happens at a lab that had a military contractor as its prime client. Accident or act of terror?

Episode 21: Endgame: Walter Morgan (played by James Urbaniak) turns up dead and it seems like Carrie is the killer. It is now a race against the clock to prove her innocence.

Episode 22: The Man in the Woods: The hunt for her sister’s killer brings Carrie and Al back to Syracuse. A new murder has occurred that is similar to her sister’s.

Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Keeping it Memorable: Cast + Crew of Unforgettable, Unforgettable Production Design, Unforgettable: The Rememberers, CBS Launch Promos, Gag Reel

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