10 Sexiest TV Couples

You can always turn on the television for a healthy dose of romance. On the small screen over the decades there has been a ton of great couples. Coupledom has always been a staple on television. From Desi and Lucy to Ross and Rachel these couples have kept us tuning in episode after episode. Some couples just have that chemistry and the sizzle up the screen anytime they are together. The electricity they produce can power up a light bulb. Couples on television come and go but there are some that make a lasting impression. They make us believe in love and actually enjoy chemistry. Here is my list of the sexiest TV couples:

chuck and sarahChuck and Sarah: Show – Chuck. He is a nerd turned spy and she is his FBI handler. The romantic tension was there from the beginning and was brought to a boil in season two. A couple of times they almost hooked up while undercover on the job. They finally became a couple in season three and married in the season four finale.

Brian and Justin: Show – Queer as Folk. A man-man May/December relationship. A virginal boy just coming to terms with his homosexuality and an older total playboy. They were a hot couple in and out of bed. Though they had more problems than any other couple could humanly have in real life they never had problems in bed. Even though at the end of the show they went their separate ways you had a hunch that because of the depth of their feelings for each other they would end up back together.

Booth and Bones: Show – Bones. Over four seasons we watched these opposites attract. A cerebral forensic anthropologist and a goofy FBI agent. Not your typical couple. The longing looks Booth (David Boreanaz) gave Bones (Emily Deschanel) were enough to win over the most hardhearted of watchers. Their first time together happened off camera and it was only when we found out a night of passion had led to Bones becoming pregnant that we were even made aware it happened. They are together raising the child. He insists that she will have to be the one who proposes so the romance/pursuit goes on.

Vaughn and Sydney: Show – He was her handler and she was a spy.  Getting emotionally involved would be frowned upon and dangerous. Alias. After several seasons of growing sexual tension they finally gave into their desires. It was sweet and sexy at the same time. The look that Vaughn (Michael Vartan) gives Sydney (Jennifer Garner) when she was cooking him dinner and that he tells her to stop as they can reheat it later produced enough heat to melt the polar ice caps.

Diane and Bobby: Show – NYPD Blue. Both New York City detectives that became lovers. They had to overcome obstacles like her alcoholism, a transfer to another precinct, a miscarriage and death. Always interesting and definitely hot and heavy.

Shane and Carmen: Show – The L Word. Shane (Katherine Moenning) was a total playah bedding every woman she laid her eyes on. For some reason (probably because she actually had feelings for her) she initially resisted Carmen (Sarah Shahi). Their cat and mouse seduction was long, hot and bothered. Once they got together things did not cool down. The pseudo-lap dance that Carmen gave Shane in Season 3 was worth tons of repeat views. Shane was involved in plenty of hot moments on this show but the added sweetness factor that this couple had elevate them above the others.

David and Maggie: Show – Moonlighting. These two opposites were private eyes that worked together and fought constantly. They tried to hide their feelings through witty banter. The sexual tension was off the charts. It was a great case of “will they or won’t they” for many seasons. During the 1987 season they finally gave in to their feelings and had sex…on the living room floor. Need I say more?

Elena and Damon: Show – Vampire Diaries. What is it with the human-vampire hook ups that we find so appealing? It is like Twilight but with a whole back-story behind it. Elena is a human in high school who is torn between two vampire brothers. Their chemistry was always off the charts. Even before they did anything. The fact that she was dating his brother made this coupling all the more hot. Elena (Nina Dobrev) dated Stefan first but was always drawn towards Damon (Ian Somerhalder). Their friendship becomes something a lot more physical.

Scully and Mulder: Show – The X Files. It was all about the subtext when it came to these two. Between government conspiracies and aliens these two were very busy FBI agents. Again a case of opposites attracting. The two were rather repressed but the sexual tension was always simmering just beneath the surface. There was undeniable chemistry. The show kept you guessing right up until the end.

Buffy and Angel: Show – Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Before Bella and Edward there was these two. Angel (David Boreanaz) was a vampire. Buffy (Sarah Michelle Geller) was a slayer. Not even this could keep them apart. A star-crossed duo. Forbidden love, even if it is between a human and a vampire, is hot. Plus Buffy cut him a break by not killing him, rather she fell in love with him. Tragedy occurred when they finally consummated their love and discovered that it turned Angel into a monster.

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