Graham Parker & the Rumour: This is Live – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

Judd Apatow’s recent film This is 40 introduced Graham Parker and the Rumour to a whole new generation.  In this film Graham Parker and the Rumour perform live and instead of just filming a short scene Apatow had they play a whole set and recorded the entirety.  Now longtime fans and newbies will be able to see it all.

Even amongst music fans of his generation (Parker is 62) this rock/R&B musician was underappreciated, so it is not surprising that not many under the age of 30 have heard of him. If you are watching him live for the first time then you’ll notice that Parker’s voice sounds a little like Stephen Stills of Crosby, Still and Nash.  As for the twelve songs they perform it is an enjoyable introduction to the socially aware and class conscious lyrics and high energy songs the critics through the years have praised him for.

As far as Judd Apatow as a director of concert films he shows he has some talent in this area. He is able to capture the energy of the musicians as well as the appreciation of the show by the audience in the intimate venue.  The quality of the visuals is also better than what you usually get in this genre of film.

Hopefully a live concert like this presented in the best possible visual way and with great sound will bring the deserving recording artist some deserved recognition.

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