Nosotros los Nobles @ Montreal World Film Festival

nosotros los noblesAmongst the vast selection of films being screened at this year’s Montreal World Film Festival, if you are looking for a fun comedy film, Mexican production “Nosotros Los Nobles” is one to check out. A unique story that is told with light humor with some interesting twists along the way.

Wealthy businessman German Noble (Gonzalo Vega) is fed up with his spoiled children who don’t have jobs and spend his money frivolously without any regard for anyone but themselves. A mild heart attack lands him in the hospital, where he realizes that he needs to take drastic measures to teach his children the value of money and hard work.

Mr. Noble and his trusted friend Anwar (Mario Haddad)  stage a police raid at the Noble mansion just as his three kids return home upset that their credit cards are not working and their cellphone lines have been cut off. He rushes them away in a car explaining that his friend betrayed him with some fraudulent financial transactions and that his company is bankrupt.

To add more fuel to the fire, he tells his family that they have to go into hiding and the best place is at their granddad’s run down property in a low income part of town. They are shocked and devastated when they see their new home and are put to the test when they all have to get jobs to pay for food and to buy material to renovate their new residence. As they get a first-hand look at what it is like to work for a living, they learn some valuable lessons about money and relationships.

The story takes an unexpected turn as some family secrets are revealed and someone threatens to alter the course of Mr. Noble’s plan, which could cost him more than he bargained for.

There are a number of positive points about this film. It was well written, a good flow of the story, good acting and well directed. At the start of the film, the characters may appear a bit cliché, but the way they develop throughout the story and the way the story unfolds are well presented.

Notable performances by Gonzalo Vega as the Dad and Karla Souza as his snobby daughter Barbara A.K.A. Barbie.

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