Portugal. The Man – Evil Friends

With their previous albums there has been a referencing of music of the past like T.Rex, The Beatles and David Bowie. Now on Evil Friends they have turned to producer Danger Mouse to give a freshness to the music they are making. The combination of group and producer works with the more poppy tracks on the album though that is less of certainty anytime they turn to a heavier sound. Each track is like it is from a different band so wide is the variety of styles you will find on the album. They are definitely up for almost anything or so it seems. You will get some tracks that groove while others that are totally experimental with the next one being totally psychedelic. It is all rather innovative. Exploration seems to be the theme sonically of Evil Friends. The Portland based alt-rock band has gone through a series of line-up changes over the years and seems to be open to tinkering with their sound. That is all well and good I just think that some stuff works better than other.

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