Big Sean – Hall of Fame

Rapper Big Sean is from Detroit. His second album is filled with energetic songs that feature plenty of a help from his friends in the biz. Making appearances are Nas, Common, Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Nicki Minaj, and Miguel. That is plenty of star power from the hip hop and rap communities. On top of all that he gets some production help from none other than Kanye West. As a result there are plenty of appealing beats and different emotions on the album. It really is quite varied. Unlike many other rappers his songs are about his life and life in his hometown. Very little about bling or hotties. It is all rather refreshing with its wall-to-wall realism and grittiness that is infused with plenty of positivity. As an aside me thinks that Mr. Big Sean has a little bit of a crush on Brit electro pop artist Ellie Goulding as once again he has sampled one of her songs (this time it is on “You Don’t Know” where he has used part of her song of the same name) as he did on his debut.

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