Compay Segundo – Guantanamera: The Essential Album

If you saw and remember the Wim Wenders 1999 film called Buena Vista Social Club then you will most certainly remember this guy. Compay Segundo is actually Francisco Repilado, a vibrant musician full of talent and personality. Unfortunately he died ten years ago, so this album is a compilation of songs recorded in between the years of 1995 and 2003. They are from different sessions with different musicians. The twenty tracks on the album were recorded in Spain and Cuba. Right off the hop you will be blown away by Segundo’s great guitar skills and his voice. Both are incredible. My personal faves are the songs “El Camison de Pepa” with all those great up-tempo beats and song you won’t be able to listen to without breaking into a wide smile, “Le Cleptomana”.

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