Love Steaks @ Montreal World Film Festival

love steaksLove relationships are complex, aren’t they? Whether it’s about trying to understand each other’s point of view or finding compromises, it is clear that it takes work. But what does a person do when they fall in love with someone who has a completely opposite personality? Will opposites attract and stay together or is it a recipe for disaster? This very common theme is explored in the German film “Love Steaks” by director Jakob Lass in a very thoughtful manner.

A shy young man named Clemens gets a job as a massotherapist in an upscale hotel. He finds it difficult to do his job properly as a few of the female clients make inappropriate advances during sessions. As he meets some of the staff members, he feels a connection to Lara who works as a cook in the kitchen.

As she brings Clemens out of his shell with her rebellious ways, he in turn tries to help her overcome her addictions. Overcoming addictions is no simple task. Clemens love for Lara motivates him to keep up with the ups and downs of the process and Lara becomes annoyed and impatient with Clemens reluctance to be bold and break the rules like she does.

Time goes on and their relationship undergoes some serious challenges, as different as they may appear to be, they are a lot more similar than they care to admit.

Writer/director Jakob Lass must be wise beyond his years. This young director along with his co-writers, have really brought some interesting insights into what many people go through in life. Finding ways to right past hurts or at least find ways to come to terms with them. Working through addictions, healing processes, bullying in the workplace, power struggles between both genders are all explored in very straightforward ways that many can understand and maybe even relate to in some way or another.

A movie that is worth checking out.

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